Play Minesweeper

Double-click on a tile to uncover it. Click only once to flag it as a mine and click again to leave it unresolved for now. This is the classic minesweeper, read below for more information.

About Minesweeper

There are not many games that stand the test of time like Minesweeper. Since the game was created in 1990 for Microsoft Windows, there have been tremendous advances in technology with powerful computers playing almost movie-like games. Despite this Minesweeper remains as popular as it ever has been, barely changing graphically for 22 years. The game of Minesweeper is one that many people have heard of, and most will have played at some time or other; despite this, there is still confusion to many about how to actually play the game, and more importantly - how to succeed.

Aim of the Game

The object of Minesweeper is a simple one - to clear a minefield without getting blown up in the process. The problem for the player is that you do not know where the mines are and must uncover them by removing one square at a time, trying not to select a square that is hiding a mine.

Playing the game

Once you have selected the level you wish to play on, it is time to get down to action. You begin the game by selecting one of the square tiles at random - hopefully avoiding a mine in the process (hitting a mine first time is rare).

Upon selecting a tile you will open up others, some that are numbered and some that are clear. The numbers are there as indications of how many mines are within the square nearest to the numbered tile. For instance, a number one will indicate to you that there is one mine located somewhere in the surrounding eight squares.

It is then your job to uncover more square tiles and workout where you think a mine is located. If you think you have found a mine, a flag can be placed on the tile with a right-click of the mouse. A double right-click will allow you to place a question mark over a tile if you are unsure of whether there is a mine underneath and serve as a reminder to avoid that particular tile.

The number of mines in the games is located in a box at the bottom of the game; this number will decrease as mines are correctly flag. A game is over was all mines are correctly located or a mine is clicked on, which will detonate all other mines in the game.