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We all love puzzle games; I mean what is not to love about games that keeps us thinking and provides us with joy and frustration in equal measure? Puzzle games in some shape and form have been around since video games were first introduced; however, not all can claim to be as successful as Minesweeper. In fact, no can in the world can match up to Minesweeper, quite simply, click-for-click this simplest of games is the most successful game of all-time.

In the unlikely event that you have never heard of Minesweeper, it is basically a game that involves clearing a minefield without detonating a mine. The problem for the player is that mines are hidden under squares that must be uncovered indirectly, click on the mine and its game over. Minesweeper is synonymous with Windows PC’s and along with Solitaire has been a mainstay on every Windows operating system release to date. But where did it all begin?

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