Another Version Of Mine Sweeper

Select the difficulty level. Use one mouse-click to open a cell. When the mouse cursor is over a cell use spacebar to flag a cell and hold spacebar + click the mouse to open neighbor cells.

This version of Minesweeper can be played on one of three settings: easy, medium and tough. The choice of difficulty will determine how large of a grid there is to play with and the number of mines there is to uncover. The number of mines are as follows:

  • Easy - 40 mines
  • Medium - 70 mines
  • Tough - 100 mines

If you are playing Minesweeper for the first time, easy is the obvious option. Here you can get to grips with the gameplay and hone your skills at the same time. However, you should not expect it to be a walkover, although it is the easiest of the three settings, it is a tough challenge in its own right.